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A Night of Heroism

The Illuminated fall semester started off in the South Bronx. We tested Illuminated curriculum at the Metropolitan Soundview High School through an elective class titled “Self-Empowerment and Social Innovation.”

After much push-back, student feedback, and negotiations, our class began to analyze the theme of heroism and heroic moments, and what these concepts mean in relation to the individuals whose lives we examined. Alina Raza, a former Illuminated fellow to Mexico City said, “With discomfort comes transformation,” and we discovered what that can feel like this semester. We discussed what challenges could keep an individual or a community from being heroic through the Bystander Effect and the diffusion of responsibility. And, we discovered what some of the kindest moments we have witnessed are that can be considered heroic by doing daily appreciations.

Our final project is a community-event, hosted by the students from the Self-Empowerment and Social Innovation class. Below are details about the event!

Artwork by student-artist Kari Perez

Event Title: A Night of Heroism

Date: Wednesday, Dec 18, 2013

Time: 6-8:30 PM

Location: Monroe Campus Auditorium, 1300 Boynton, S. Bronx, NY

Confirmed Panelists for a Discussion about Heroism: Simran Jeet Singh from Columbia University, Yaquelin “Jakie” Rodriquez, a former Chicago Public Schools student, student VOYCE leader, and former Illuminated Cities Project fellow

Art Display and Music: students on the art team collected responses from the student body about who they considered to be heroic and will be displaying this work on the day of the event. Our music team prepared songs that aligned with the theme of heroism, with one of our musicians doing a special tribute to Nelson Mandela.

Awards Ceremony: students voted on community members to whom they wanted to present five awards. These awards are named after the heroic individuals we studied this semester:

The Nelson Mandela Award for Compassion

The Mirabal-Mariposas Award for Purpose

The Goodman-Chaney-Schwerner Award for Values

The Abel Meerapol Award for Honesty

 The Malala Yousufzai Award for Courage

Come, discover how heroism can touch our lives – we hope you can join us!