From Hate to (S)heroism: Illuminated Trainings Cont.

On June 30, the Illuminated Cities Project team continued its summer 2015 trainings.

Organizing 101 – Brainstorming with the Fellows!
Viktor Frankl and One-On-One’s
What are One-On-One’s?
Why do we travel?
Raldenys Tolentino facilitating our travel workshop
Reasons why we travel
Discussion Time
Reflection on the Spectrum of Self-Development
Amos Margulies sharing where he lies on the Spectrum of Self-Development

Day Three Location of Programming: at an organization called Atlas DIY that works with immigrant youth/communities – special thanks to their team!

Content Covered – Overview:

Workshop #7: Obstacles, Religion, and Citizen Journalism – What Do They Have in Common?
Workshop #8: What are One-On-One’s?
Workshop #9: Why do you Travel?
Workshop #10: Spectrum of Self-Development
Workshop #11: Community Organizing 101 + Youth Fellows’ Issue Areas

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