Summer 2015: From Hate to (S)heroism

This evening, the Illuminated Cities Project 2015 summer program officially begins!

Every year, our fellows investigate an essential question in order to acquire a model for addressing pertinent community issues of their choice. This year, our essential question is, “How do communities of faith that are affected by hate crimes respond?”  We will be focusing on the Muslim and Sikh communities in particular, and will explore this question with our 2015 fellows in the United States.

This year, we have also been working with fellows at a school in New Delhi, India with our India Project Coordinator Emine Sharma – more details on this later!

Jafet, Jose (2015 Summer Fellows) and Joel (Community Mentor-Chicago) at O’Hare Intl Airport on their way to NYC!

Tonight, our Chicago-fellows arrive and our workshops begin tomorrow! They, along with our NYC fellows, will be introducing themselves and reflecting on their experiences, and you will get a chance to hear from them soon.

Join us in following their journey!

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