Grant Winner: Youth Research for Action



Good news! Illuminated is among 13 winning projects that will be supported by a grant from What Kids Can Do (WKCD)’s Youth Research for Action grant competition: “Announced today, the thirteen winning projects will research and share their findings in written reports, multimedia, community meetings, interactive websites, blogs, and more.” This semester long project (described below) is one of several projects Illuminated has planned for 2015.


Our team of 2014-15 Illuminated-Fellows is thrilled, especially as two of the youth were key authors of the grant proposal.

Screen Shot 2014-12-12 at 6.05.32 PM
The Excitement via Text

Illuminated Cities Project-South Bronx: Where Do They Live?
Adverse housing, low education levels, and substance abuse—how do they interact in the South Bronx neighborhood where we live? What strategies are in place to solve these issues, how effective have they been and by what measures? As concerned youth in South Bronx, we will research these questions in our neighborhood by meeting with and interviewing community members and organizations, including rehabilitation centers, and studying the links between public housing policies, failing schools, and substance abuse. We will produce a photo journal, blog posts, and a research report, and we’ll host a community event to share what we’ve learned.

Stay tuned for more details!

During Fall 2014, the Illuminated-Team has been busy planning for its upcoming 2015 local, national, and global programming. We will be sharing information soon. You can contact us with questions at:

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