I, Too, Am America: Talia Cooper

Talia Cooper: Program Director at Ma’yan

What is your Illuminated identity?

My name is Talia Cooper, I am the program director of Ma’yan, a feminist organization empowering youth and the educators who work with them. I am formerly the executive director of Jewish Youth for Community Action. I am also a singer/songwriter.

I was honored to get to co-create and co-lead an intro to Judaism workshop for the Illuminated youth, along with Ma’yan alumna Arielle Tannin. Arielle and I both loved the experience of talking about Judaism with the Illuminated youth, because their questions helped us to understand our own religion more deeply. We realized there are a number of concepts in Judaism that we take for granted, but being forced to explain them meant that we got to reclaim them for ourselves (for example, the concept of Tikun Olam, or healing the world).
How do you want to be remembered as a part of America’s fabric?
In thinking about the legacy I want to leave: I write, sing, facilitate and engage in activism all in service of holding out a vision of deeper connections in the world. I believe that humans are naturally intelligent, creative, hilarious and loving, and we will be able to end oppression.

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