I, Too, Am America: Heroes and Villains at Democracy Now!

Democracy Now
Visit to Democracy Now! on July 1, 2014

By: Raldenys Tolentino

NEW YORK – A country is like a relationship: without communication and trust, there is nothing. Democracy Now! is an independent news media source that tries to build communication and trust because, during our visit, one theme that I noticed was the issue of human rights, which is something everyone should be able to have access to. Without it, a country cannot progress.

But, these days, it seems that people view heroes as villains and the villains as heroes. There are a few examples that I thought about when I was in a studio environment at Democracy Now! watching the live broadcast:

1. Coca-Cola: People think of this company as a company that does good for people worldwide, but they are doing bad things to get to that point. For example, they have factories in other countries that cause pollution. These heroes are villains.

2. Edward Snowden: He is seen as a villain because he did something that those with power do not approve of, and now he is seeking asylum in different countries. However, what he did was a heroic act because of the idea behind what he was doing. I do not see what is so wrong about letting people know what is happening in their own country and what the government is doing.

3. Libor Von Schonau: He was a gentleman who was visiting Democracy Now! at the same time as us. He shared a story about an experience he had while on a boat to the Gaza strip. There is a blockade in Palestine and some people were trying to help the people of Palestine. He explained that there are mostly kids in this area, and that made me think how terrible it was how people could do that to other individuals. Everyone deserves to eat, especially kids being that they are our future, and they did absolutely nothing to deserve this kind of treatment. This made me think back to the question I asked at the Jewish Community Center: Why can’t Israelis and Palestinians  just share the land and be happy together?

Special Thanks to Simin Farkhondeh, Education Director at Democracy Now! for working with us to organize this tour.


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