I, Too, Am America: Simran Singh

Simran Singh
Simran Singh
What is your Illuminated identity?
My name is Simran Jeet Singh, and I am the Education Director for The Surat Initiative. We are collaborating with the Illuminated Cities Project by leading educational workshops to introduce the young students to Sikh Americans. We believe that interactive education is most effective, so we approach our programs in a dynamic and multi-faceted way. We hope that the method, approach, and content of our workshops will help the students explore diverse ideas and cultures, which in turn will help broaden their worldviews.
How do you want to be remembered as a part of America’s fabric?
I would love to be remembered as someone whose various contributions to American society were inspired by love and service. I hope that people will recognize the complexities of my identity, yet will also realize the simplicity of it as well. 

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