I, Too, Am America: Namita Azad

Our work throughout this summer would not have been possible without the collaboration and contribution of many community members and organizations across different states. Here are a few of them who have helped behind the scenes!

Namita Azad
Namita Azad
What is your Illuminated identity?
I am a freelance photographer who’s mission is to tell a story with each frame.  I believe in holding on to the nothingness, framing the ordinary and making it the extraordinary. I capture everything that catches the eye, tickles the imagination, and makes you smile every time you look back at it. Whether it’s the grandeur of the Colosseum, the intricate details of a bride’s henna, or the joy in the eyes of a new mother; each click has its own story.  This is the vision I hope to bring to the youth of Illuminated Cities.  To give them the opportunity to understand that every bit of the world around you is beautiful and it just depends on how you see it.  I’ve done a workshop with the youth during the Summer of 2014 on ‘Photographic Story Telling’ where we walked through what it means to tell stories through moments.  The different techniques you can use to freeze the world around you and depict emotion with it.  As part of the workshop, we did a photo walk as well around the neighborhood where I challenged the youth to view the space, their comfort zone, something that they see everyday but through a different lens. They will take these skills and lenses with them as they travel through the different cities of the world.  I eagerly look forward to learning about their experience through their photographs. 
How do you want to be remembered as a part of America’s fabric?
The world is too amazing a place to travel alone so I picked my camera to accompany me.  I want to hold on to every moment I have lived, every space I have taken a breath of fresh air and every city I have experienced.  I want my story to be remembered through the lens of my mind.  I want this mindset to be passed on to everyone ahead of me and everyone who’s yet to come. I want this to be my legacy.
Check out Namita’s work here!

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