I, Too, Am America: Jean Carlos Hinojosa

1) This host-family family because they show their best to support us and give us everything that we need.

2) The film that the man showed us about Sikhism and his culture and turban.

3) The actions of the little boy when he speaks to me with a lot of confidence and that makes me feel good.

– Jean Carlos Hinojosa, Student Intern ’14, Appreciations Journal

During our first training

What is your Illuminated identity?

I’m Jean Carlos and I’m from Ecuador but I lived the major part of my life in Spain. I’m 19 years old and I’m studying at Pan American International High School at Monroe in the South Bronx. I’m in the Illuminated Cities Project because my friend is a fellow and he is a smart, funny and happy person who convinced Zehra to let me be a part of the Illuminated Project in this year as a student intern.  I’m the kind of person who likes to grow up and learn new things to get more knowledge. So this month, I have been learning about segregated cities and because of this I can see a world that I never imagined before. My goal in this organization is learning the most possible about segregation in different communities. Then I will get new ideas about how I can help our community and develop it. Lastly, I think if I get a lot of information I can talk with others student who are interested in helping to improve our community, too. This is because I think in the way if we work together like a really strong team we could do whatever we want to do for living better in our communities.

How do you want to be remembered as a part of America’s fabric?

I want people to think that I was a person who always fought to change the wrong things in our communities and give solutions to resolve the problems. I want to be remembered as a person who created an organization with the objective of unifying the hearts of all people  without importance of race and segregation.

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