I, Too, Am America: Segregation in Metro-Detroit

The Illuminated team has arrived to its second destination: Metro-Detroit! Our home-stay foci have been intentionally selected, to provide our team with an experience connected to our themes. For this reason, we chose the Lamont Street Collective, an arts and activist space, in Washington DC as our home-stay destination. In Metro-Detroit, we have selected Islam, and our fellows are currently staying with a Muslim family.


Exploring the suburbs of Farmington Hills, Michigan
Exploring the suburbs of Farmington Hills, Michigan

A general overview of our stay in Metro-Detroit:

City: Metro-Detroit                        Home-Stay Focus: Islam                           Duration: July 10-13

July 10th (Farmington Hills): Introductions with host family + Neighborhood Exploration
July 11th (West Bloomfield): Tour of Farmington Hills by Alina Raza + Synagogue Visit at Temple Israel
July 12th (Dearborn): Meeting with participants and (project director) Professor Ronald Stockton from Immigrant Memoir Project + Mosque Visit and meeting with participants from Muslim youth-groups
July 13th (Detroit): Church Services + Heidelberg Street Project

July 14th: Departure to Chicago, Illinois

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