I, Too, Am America: Diana Guerra ’14

We had an amazing time in two museums yesterday: the Anacostia Community Museum and the Islamic Heritage Center. It was very interesting to learn about new cultural expressions and the history of a religion – it was completely new for me. Besides this experience, what I liked the most was being on the streets, watching people in the corners, in the bus, interacting with their families and neighbors. In other words, having a new neighborhood experience and to analyze the similarities and differences with the environment I’m used to being in.

– Diana Guerra, Volunteer ’14, Appreciations Journal

dguerraWhat is your Illuminated identity?

I am a Peruvian sociologist who researches topics such as education, ethnicity, gender, and violence. I will be sharing my experience with the Illuminated team and I will have the opportunity to learn about how communities in the United States live segregation.

How do you want to be remembered as a part of America’s fabric?As a visitor to America, I want to contribute with a world’s change, so we can realize the social environments we live in and decide to break with this reality. As each of us deserves to grow and develop our abilities to achieve success in life, we need to question ourselves and look for our communities’ improvement.

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