I, Too, Am America: Anthony Ramos ’14

“The people in the The Lamont Street Collective home are welcoming in a really nice way. They give us a nice big room to stay in, they gave us vegetarian food – it is my first night in 16 years that I have not eaten meat for my meal cause I am a carnivore and they made me try new food and even though it was spicy, it tasted good.”

– Anthony Ramos, ’14 Youth-Fellow, Appreciations Journal

Anthony Ramos
Anthony Ramos at a Faith-Training with the Illuminated team

What is Your Illuminated Identity?

I am Anthony Ramos and I’m from Ecuador. I am 17 years old. I study at Pan American International High School at Monroe in the South Bronx. I got in Illuminated Cities Project by coincidence thanks to my curiosity and one of my best teachers, Alexa Varriano, who spoke a lot about this organization. Thanks to the trainings I opened up my mind to new ideas. My role in this organization is to get involved with different communities and learn from them. And, then to use what I learned to develop new skills and be able to improve and help to assemble the community as a whole like the Avengers. The organization has shown me the different situations around me that I had ignored such as New York City is the most racially segregated city in terms of education in the United States of America.

Anthony: “…assembling the community like the Avengers.”

How do you want to be remembered as a part of America’s fabric?
I would like to be remembered as a guy who knew that there are certain things wrong in his community and he tried to help to fix those problems.

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