New York City Program: Recap in Pictures

We concluded the local, New York City portion of our programming on July 3. Below are photographs from the workshops we did with professionals and faith-based organizations around the city of New York. Youth-Fellow reflections and reports will be posted throughout the summer.

1. Faith-Exposure Trip #1 (Islam Part 1): Friday Prayer at the Islamic Center at New York University

Islamic Center Post Jumma
Post-Prayer Discussion with Imam Shair Abdul-Mani

2. Faith-Exposure Trip #2 (Sikhism): Surat Initiative and Sikh Coalition

Sikh Coalition
After an overview and discussion of Sikhism with the lovely Amrit Kaur and Balbir Singh, students experienced turban tying!
Sammie with Turban
Samiron Bhuiyon, Youth-Fellow ’14

3. Faith-Exposure Trip #3 (Judaism): Ma’yan

Project Director Talia Cooper and Alum Arielle Tannin brainstorm heroism in Judaism with Youth-Fellows
Discussion Heroism in Judaism
Discussing the diverse definitions of heroism in Jewish scripture

4. Faith-Exposure Trip #4 (Christianity): Federation of Protestant Welfare Agencies

Special Thanks to: Carmen Dixon
Christian Faith Trip
After the Heroic Actions in the Christian Faith Session

5. Faith-Exposure Trip #5 (Islam Part 2): Fasting During Ramadan

An Illuminated Moment: as Youth-Fellows waited to break their fast, Anthony Ramos and Raldenys Tolentino coached Riyaz Ali with Spanish

1. Citizen Journalism Training #1 (Introduction): Illuminated Cities Project

Multiple Entry Points
Multiple Entry Points!

2. Citizen Journalism Training #2 (Photography Part 1): Namita Azad Photography

Namita Azad
Overview of Photography Concepts

3. Citizen Journalism Training #3 (Photography Part 2): Namita Azad Photography

Debrief with Photographs
Gallery Walk-able
The talented Namita Azad debriefs with Youth-Fellows about which photographs stand out and why

4. Citizen Journalism Training #4 (Reporting): Democracy Now

Democracy Now
Special Thanks to: Education Director Simin Farkhondeh

5. Citizen Journalism Training #5 (Oral History): Columbia University’s Oral History Department

Riyaz Ali, Youth-Fellow ’14, practicing the 8 second rule of silence
Erica and Jacob
Youth-Fellows with Erica Fugger and Jacob Horton from Columbia University’s Oral History Department


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