I, Too, Am America: Gentrification in Washington D.C.

We are getting ready to embark on the first part of our multi-city journey. First stop: Washington D.C.! We have finally selected a team for our 2014 Multi-City program. Below is a quick overview of our team. Please, note the changes – we have selected three Youth-Fellows:

2014 Summer Multi-City Team:

Youth-Fellows ’14: Raldenys Tolentino, Anthony Ramos, and Riyaz Ali

Volunteer: Diana Guerra, a sociologist from Peru

Intern: Jean-Carlos Hinojosa, high school student from S. Bronx

Project Facilitator: Zehra Imam

Chocolate City Poster
Special Thanks to our Washington DC Facilitator: Marzena Zukowska

We are doing a community-event in collaboration with the Lamont Street Collective (LSC). Our special guest speaker is Dr. Sabiyah Prince, a cultural anthropologist at the forefront of the conversation around racial segregation and gentrification, who has written a book titled African Americans and Gentrification in Washington D.C. Come join the discussion and meet Illuminated Youth-Fellows on July 8th at the LSC!

An general overview of our stay in Washington DC:

July 6th: Dinner at Lamont Street Collective. Learn about intentional community, communal living, and the history of Lamont Street Collective
July 7th: Neighborhood + Museum Explorations

July 8th: Radio Show + I, Too, Am America: Gentrification in Washington DC community-event

July 9th: Workshops at Ashoka Changemakers + Departure to Detroit, Michigan


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