We Launched Some Good!

 “This program makes me feel illuminated. By this I mean that it makes me feel welcome, like how a light is inviting. My brain is being challenged, and I am learning things that are enlightening me. It’s shedding light on issues I never knew existed, like how a light makes things brighter. This combination is very new for me and I really like it and appreciate it very much.”

– Raldenys Tolentino, ’14 Youth-Fellow, Appreciations Journal


After many days of working on creating a campaign with the immensely talented and dedicated staff at LaunchGood – Amany Killawi, Fatima Mallick, and Abdul Mannan – our campaign page is now live! We are asking for your support during this time so that our Youth-Fellows can successfully travel to Washington D.C., Detroit, and Chicago.

Why are we doing this work?

In the documentary film, ‘Crips and Bloods: Made in America’, a former gang-member turned interventionist reported that many youth affected by gang violence do not leave a ten-block radius within their lifetime. Our goal is to work with youth who are deeply harmed by mobility – teachers coming and going, homelessness, being undocumented, suspensions and arrests that restrict movement and become a detriment to educational opportunities. We want young people to experience movement in empowering ways, all the while assessing the impact of segregation in their lives and mapping out heroic behavior patterns in the communities they visit so that they are more informed, compassionate, and ready to act in socially just ways.

Our New York program began on June 14 and has been supported by in-kind donations. As we prepare to travel to Washington D.C., Detroit, and Chicago – three of America’s most segregated cities – we are asking you to help us with supporting five of our Youth-Fellows!

DONATE HERE TODAY! Remember: no amount is too small, and we would love to know you’re supporting us!

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