Obstacles, Religions, Citizen Journalism: What Ties Them Together?

Obstacles. Religions. Citizen Journalism. What is the common Illuminated thread among all three?

Polaroid Cameras
So Many Perspectives!

During the second part of our trainings, Youth-Fellows learned about a key Illuminated understanding that is essential to the work we do: multiple entry points. We want our young people to know that there are innumerable ways of solving a single problem. We want our youth to discover that there is diversity in the ways that religious communities worship a higher being. And we want them to understand that they can “report back” what they experience this summer in many different ways: writing, audio, video, photography, and other creative ways.

Taking Photographs in the S. Bronx
Photo-Walk in the S. Bronx

We are finally done with ICP trainings, but our media trainings that are being led by incredible professionals, are on-going throughout the summer. Our first one was facilitated by the talented Namita Azad, founder of Namita Azad Photography.

Training #4: Why Relational Work is Illuminating

Anthony Leidy
Anthony and Leidy Watching a One-On-One

Summary: Youth-Fellows learned about and experienced what one-on-ones or “relational meetings” are and how they can contribute to community-building.

Training #5: What is Community Service?

Jordy, Raldenys, Riyaz
Jordy, Raldenys, and Riyaz Interpreting What Service Means

Summary: Youth-Fellows engaged with the notion of “service” to begin formulating a critical analysis of the projects built in Illuminated.

Original Training Designed by: Sarah Camiscoli

Training #6: What is Citizen Journalism?

Namita Azad and Youth-Fellows Discussing Photography Concepts

Summary:  Youth-Fellows learned about the core concepts of Citizen Journalism and guiding questions that they can utilize throughout the summer for their reports. 

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