The Summer Team Has Arrived!

               On June 15, Illuminated launched its first NYC-based summer internship program. Our goal is to create a strong foundation for local and global projects with input from our talented team of high school and college students. We are planning our awareness and fundraising event for August 3 that will bring together a panel to discuss the effects of segregation on youth and their quality of education (in, both, privileged and disenfranchised contexts). In relation to these topics, we will also discuss the role international travel can play in being a catalyst for youth development on a micro level as well as transforming communities on a macro level.

So, what did we do on our first day? Here’s a glimpse —

Training One: Who Are You? Who Are We?

We began our afternoon with introductions and an icebreaker led by our fundraising team facilitator, Joseph Blasher. We, then, asked our team to think about what Illuminated is trying to create. We wanted this to be a process of discovery, and asked questions such as:

– What is the story of Illuminated?

– Who are the communities that Illuminated works with?

– Who are the Illuminated fellows?


Next, we asked our team to work in small groups and create a map of what they think Illuminated is trying to do.

joeJoseph, Danielle, Lucy, and Edgar discussing how Illuminated is like the Avengers

paulaJulian, Paula, Amanda, and David piecing concepts together

alexaLiz, Eileen, Ava, and Alexa get creative with their visuals

This is what they came up with!

paula team

joseph team

eileen team                It was insightful to discover and discuss what our team believes we do. We, then, shared our own map of Illuminated, watched a video about the Mexico City pilot project fellows, and talked about lessons learned during that trip. The summer team said they were leaving our first training with a clearer picture of what Illuminated aims to do.

Our next training will focus on developing the stories of our summer team and relational work.

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