2013: Voices from a Broken System

Screen Shot 2015-02-09 at 7.03.42 PMEducated in America: Voices from a Broken System was our first event and our goal was to have youth voices sharing their stories throughout our event. During our panel, students spoke specifically about how they are impacted by segregation, resource allocation to school communities, as well as discuss the work they have done/are doing in their communities. We also discussed how travel and creative arts can be revitalizing tools for youth empowerment and community-building.

Individuals and Organizations:

Majora Carter: As part of the Illuminated Cities’ advisory board, Majora helps the team with bringing its vision to life. Carter, who was awarded a 2005 MacArthur “genius” grant, served as executive director of Sustainable South Bronx for 7 years, where she pushed both for eco-friendly practices (such as green and cool roofs) and, equally important, job training and green-related economic development for her vibrant neighborhood on the rise. Since leaving SSBx in 2008, Carter has formed the economic consulting and planning firm the Majora Carter Group, to bring her pioneering approach to communities far outside the South Bronx. Carter is working within the cities of New Orleans, Detroit and the small coastal towns of Northeastern North Carolina. The Majora Carter Group is putting the green economy and green economic tools to use, unlocking the potential of every place — from urban cities and rural communities, to universities, government projects, businesses and corporations — and everywhere else in between.

Gage Park High School students from Voices of Youth in Chicago’s Education (VOYCE) have done work surrounding harsh discipline, school to prison pipeline, organizing Chicago teacher strikes as well as walk-outs for standardized tests. Joel Rodriguez (youth organizer) and Timothy (current Gage Park HS student) will be present. Joel had global travel experience, and both panelists were instrumental in helping with a mural project directed by founder/director Zehra Imam at Gage Park High School.

North Farmington High School students from Detroit Minds and Hearts Fellowship have participated in a youth empowerment fellowship program in Detroit and came up with a prototype for a project they wish to implement in their high school that addresses segregation. Alina Raza ha traveled abroad with Illuminated and will speak about this and both panelists will speak about the suburban overachiever culture and how it affected their educational experience.

Students from the S. Bronx who are also 2013 Illuminated youth-fellows created creating a tour of the S. Bronx and investigating the question, “Can art revitalize a community?” Some students will also be performing stories about a significant moment in their lives.

Creative artists who help us discover how a space that is re-imagined through art can look.

The Nathan Cummings Foundation, 475 Tenth Ave., 14th Floor
Saturday, August 3, 2013 from 3:00 PM to 9:00 PM
Tickets | Map | Flyer

South Bronx Tour

Our summer Illuminated interns, high school students from the S. Bronx, are currently creating a tour of the area and investigating the question, “Can art revitalize a community?” Join us in discovering part one of our tour about the creative arts as an Illuminated method for community-building.

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