Day Four in Mexico City

This morning, we did our first Speaker-Listener activity. Shais and Jakie were the speakers, but things did not go quite as anticipated. Jakie made a good point by saying, “This is not for entertainment,” in reference to us being observers and taking notes about their conversation. It added an element of discomfort, which we discussed. We made modifications to the activity for the future.

Then, we went for lunch, where we began our first sustainability training. The training was followed by a visit to Chapultepec Park. When we returned in the evening, we conducted another sustainability training that set the stage for an action plan training the following morning. Most shops were closed on Dec 24/25 because of the holidays, but we saw many families having a good time at the park.


Some of the questions we addressed during our first sustainability training were, What is sustainability?, How do you take care of yourself?, and How does your community take care of itself?


Shais, while in a food coma, pitched us a venture idea for a relaxing massage space with rooms for rent.


Sustainability in the park! Recycling!


We approve.


Sunset in the park.


Some cool tags on a street sign.

2 thoughts on “Day Four in Mexico City

  1. I hope that this fellowship will be beneficial to all those invovled. Get familiar,get comfortable,and learn all you can. I’ll be following this blog so I can stay updated with all of your adventures. Wish I was there! 🙂

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