Appreciations from Alina Raza

Every day our fellows take time to observe how they feel and what is going on around them. Here, Alina Raza discusses discomfort as a traveler in a foreign place:

“In my opinion, discomfort, especially for travelers, should be a welcome feeling. Without it, we cannot distinguish the experiences that are truly life altering. Nonetheless, there are several ways to deal with discomfort. You can ask questions, using whatever knowledge you have to comprehend and learn from the situation, or you can just throw yourself head first into a scenario assuming you have enough intellect to eventually figure out what’s going on. The key is to stay as open minded as you can and understand that whatever is going on around you is totally okay, even if it may seem bizarre at first.

Identifying discomfort in each other:
I feel as we spend more time with each other, we will eventually figure out what topics and things are sources of discomfort for one another. Until then, we should observe each others’ body language carefully and we should be okay. If we want, we could even make up hand gestures or come up with code words alerting others of our discomfort.

Things I appreciate today:
Though today was extremely hectic, I’m so glad I have met Mr. Barrett and Jakie. They are wonderful people that laugh at my lame jokes and seem very sweet overall. Also, even though Shais annoys me, I’m glad he came along. Gives me someone to pick on. :P”

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