Day One in Mexico City


This is a blog where you can find updates from The Illuminated Cities Project, a nonprofit that seeks to provide global experiences for the next generation of social entrepreneurs. Tune in here, especially during the next week, for news about the exciting activities of our first group of Illuminated Cities luminaries! Right now, the luminaries are in Mexico City learning from some of the Federal District’s most passionate change-makers and inspired visionaries. They will be taking what they learn back to their home communities so they can implement action plans which will catalyze positive social change.

Our team from Chicago includes Yaqueline (Jakie) Rodriguez, a high school student from Chicago, and Xian Barrett, a teacher and community organizer from her area. Our team from Detroit includes Alina Raza, a sophomore in college , and Shais Raza, 16 years old and our youngest member, who will be documenting our trip using photography, videos, and guided notes. Our adult ally is Zehra Imam, our founder and fearless leader. Together, these individuals are embarking on a journey that extends beyond a single city or a single national border. They are gathering the stories of people who see how their cities can be better. They are coming to terms with the realities of segregation in the United States and around the globe. They are training themselves to listen, learn, and create like entrepreneurs. They are the Illuminated Cities Fellows. They are hope for our cities. Follow them here. You’ll want to see they’re up to.

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