youth-on-panel-on-table.jpgWHO WE ARE

The Illuminated Cities Project (ICP) is an organization rooted in youth-engagement that utilizes heroism, urban design, and travel in segregated cities as catalysts for self and community development. We make use of digital storytelling, murals, and other creative arts programming to inspire our youth-fellows to discover equitable solutions to community issues by creating a Social Innovation Plan with the help of a community mentor and organization of their choice.


IIlluminated Cities Project sees a world where interdependence and exchange of ideas serve to make the world a socially just place. By getting young social innovators to interact with more experienced change-agents during their travels, a collective process can take place where the youth are able to address social challenges on a local level with inspiration and best practices from local, national, and global models.



The Illuminated Cities Project seeks to work in partnership with young people from low-income communities of color, especially those in cities affected by segregation, and provide them with tools for self-development, leadership, and community-development through travel and an analysis of heroism and legacy. Fellows in the program build life skills, develop an Action Plan for their home-community, and are partnered with a mentor and a local organization to help them implement their Action Plan on the ground level. The fellows will be change agents for their home-communities, creating a cycle of revitalization and community development.

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